White Prestige 4D Whitening Multifunction BB Cream

 White Prestige 4D Whitening Multifunction BB Cream
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50 ml

All in one

Lighter Skin

Perfect Coverage

Advanced Skincare

SPF 15

For All Skin Types

Intensive Hydration 48h

Flawless Skin In Just One Step!

Whitens & Lightens:  Whitening Multifunction BB Cream (Blemish Base) based on unique whitening complex Lumiskin™ 4D White Complex instantly lightens, moisturises, smoothens and perfectly blends with complexion, ensuring immediate BABY FACE™ effect of ideally smooth skin. Innovative active ingredients reflect light and neutralise grey tone thus skin becomes radiant. Velvety texture spreads quickly, effectively conceals imperfections making skin look relaxed and regain natural glow and energy.

Breakthrough in skin care!

Applied independently as foundation primer ensures All In One eect of: immediate lightening, less visible imperfections, even skin tone, more radiant complexion.

Advanced ingredients: 

Lumiskin™ – restrains processes of melanin production responsible for discolorations, lightens and prevents formation of new spots.

Hyaluronic acid – maintains water in deepest layers of epidermis ensuring maximum effect of hydration.

Lipomoist 2013™ – perfectly moisturises and prevents from water loss from deepest layers of epidermis.

Silk extract – maximally smoothens skin making it soft and extremely resilient.

Aloe extract – regenerates and firms skin, soothes irritations. Moisturises, makes skin elastic, reinforces.

Lemon extract – antioxidant protecting skin against harmful action of free radicals, delicately lightens reducing visibility of skin spots, purifies, regenerates and slightly whitens.

Vitamin A, E, F complex – deeply nourishes and regenerates skin,

ensuring its firmness and resilience.

UVA/UVB filters (SPF 15) – create on skin surface a film protecting against UV radiation. Prevent discolorations.

 All In One Effect:

-       visibly lightens skin

-       evens out skin tone

-       conceals imperfections and discolorations

-       gives skin natural, bright look and healthy glow

-       intensely moisturises 48h

-       reduces symptoms of fatigue

-       reduces visibility of pores

-       SPF 15 protects against UVA/UVB

Application: Apply the cream onto cleansed facial skin. Gently massage into with fingertips. BB Cream may be applied as day care cream, make-up primer or light foundation.

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