White Prestige 4D Whitening Facial Scrub

 White Prestige 4D Whitening Facial Scrub
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White Prestige 4D

Advanced Technology

Fracto2 Illumi Laserx™

Niacinamide + Apricot Shell

Whitening Facial Scrub

Re-Lightens, Purifies And Exfoliates

Prevents Further Changes Of Skin Tone

Oily And Combination Skin

White Prestige 4D cosmetic series is the therapy inspired by the whitening fractional laser professional treatment, acting in four dimensions: lightens the skin, evens its tone and prevents excessive pigmentation.

Exfoliates & Whitens: Whitening Facial Scrub with delicate scrub particles smoothes the skin and stimulates microcirculation, giving the skin healthy tone. The scrub exfoliates the epidermis and deeply purifies it, thus the skin becomes velvety smooth. The action of scrub particles combined with FRACTO2 ILLUMI LASERX™with Lumiwhite™ Complex promotes skin whitening by preventing discolouration. The scrub stimulates natural mechanisms in the skin, giving the complexion intense fresh and healthy look.

Advanced Ingredients: Fracto2 Illumi Laserx™with Lumiwhite™ Complex, algae extract, mandelic acid, allantoin, witch hazel extract, apricot shell.

Effects: Skin is free from make-up and impurities, perfectly prepared for whitening with White Prestige 4D.

Application: Apply the scrub onto the damp facial skin and gently rub in with circular movements. Rinse thoroughly.

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