Slim Extreme 4D Diamond Washing Peeling-Massage Anti-Cellulite

 Slim Extreme 4D Diamond Washing Peeling-Massage Anti-Cellulite
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250 ml

For best results always use first peeling/scrub followed by cream or serum. The use of peeling/scrub is essential for the skin's well-being as it removes dead skin cells.

ANTI-CELLULITE DIAMOND WASHING PEELING-MASSAGE  is the innovative slimming product combining effectiveness of natural active ingredients with latest achievements of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine.

Peeling-massage effectively purifies skin, preparing it for further treatment.

Diamond Microcrystals remove dead and dry epidermis cells, stimulate microcirculation and actively oxygenate skin cells.

Caffeine  stimulates the process of adipose tissue burning.

BioHyaluron Slim Complex™ intensely moisturises and protects epidermis against dryness.

Duo Active Moist™ long-lastingly moisturises and protects skin against water loss, improves epidermis firmness and resilience. Silk extract, thanks to high content of aminoacids, smoothens skin.

Fragrant peeling-massage acts as energizing treatment that allows forgetting about tiredness and weakness, makes the body feel lightweight and full of energy.Immediately after application skin becomes velvety smooth and soft.

APPLICATION: during shower spread the cosmetic onto damp body skin in the parts particularly requiring enhanced anti-cellulite treatment. Massage intensely with circular movements for minimum 3-5 minutes. Thoroughly rinse off with water, dry and apply proper care cosmetic from Slim Extreme 4D line. We recommend application 1-3 times a week or depending on needs.

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