Royal Snail Day And Night Cream 60+

 Royal Snail Day And Night Cream 60+
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Concentrated Ultra-Repair Cream 60+


Multidimensional Rejuvenation:

Reduces Wrinkles *Restores * Firms

4% Repair Snail Filtrate

Pep-7repairtm, Matrixyl®Synthe’6™, Prodizia™

Mature Skin, Also Sensitive

Intense Repair Ampule

Royal Snail exclusive series combines the exceptional regeneration potential of snail slime filtrate and Pep-7repair™ the latest generation haptapeptide. Stimulates physiological processes of skin regeneration, ensuring intense increase in its firmness and elasticity as well as global rejuvenation effect.

Concentrated Ultra-Repair Cream 60+ significantly increases skin regeneration abilities, acting as Global Rejuvenation Activator:

Reduces wrinkles and models facial oval: Snail slime filtrate and Matrixyl®Synthe’6™ biomimetic peptideact as a non-injection wrinkle filler as well as model facial oval.

Evens skin tone and optically rejuvenates: Prodizia™ and illuminating Niacynamide reduce photo-ageing effect, restoring radiant, youthful skin tone.

Intensely rebuilds and firms: Pep-7repairtm innovative heptapeptide stimulates the proper course of regeneration processes, thus the skin becomes firmer, nourished and smooth.

Application: Every morning and evening apply the cream onto cleansed face, neck and décolleté skin. Perfect as make-up primer.

Extraction of the slime used in Eveline Cosmetics products is carried out without damage and harm to the snails.

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