Royal Snail Eye Care

 Royal Snail Eye Care
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Concentrated Intensely Lifting Eye And Eyelid Cream

Global Repair Action:

Models Eye Contour * Reduces Shadows * Smoothes “Crow’s Feet”

Pep-7repair™, Matrixyl Morphomics®, Adenosine, Caffeine

Snail Slime Therapy

4% Snail Slime Filtrate

Any Skin Type Also Sensitive

Fragrance Free

Intense Repair Ampule

Royal Snail exclusive series combines the exceptional regeneration potential of snail slime filtrate and PEP-7REPAIR™ the latest generation haptapeptide, stimulates physiological processes of skin regeneration, ensuring intense increase in its firmness and elasticity as well as global rejuvenation effect.

Concentrated Intensely Lifting Eye And Eyelid Cream is dedicated to comprehensive care of the skin in eye area, acting as Global Rejuvenation Activator:

Fills wrinkles and improves tension: Pep-7repair™ biomimetic peptide increases the pace of epidermis renewal. Snail slime filtrate reduces the depth of wrinkles and ”crow’s feet”. Matrixyl Morphomics® and Adenosine reduce wrinkles responsible for optical effect of the aged face look.

Intensely regenerates, nourishes and effectively smoothes: Precious oils complex and ceramides ensure long-lasting, intensive moisturisation and restore smoothness to the skin.

Reduces ageing and fatigue symptoms: Concentrated caffeine stimulates microcirculation, firms and overcomes fatigue and stress symptoms, making the skin regaining fresh, relaxed and youthful look.

Application: every morning and evening pat the cream with fingertips onto the cleansed skin around eyes. Extraction of the slime used in Eveline Cosmetics products is carried out without damage and harm to the snails.

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