Royal Caviar Therapy Multi-Nourishing Serum-Ampoule Day&Night

 Royal Caviar Therapy Multi-Nourishing Serum-Ampoule Day&Night
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Luxury Intense Serum

Multinourishing Ampoule

Day, Night

Luxury Intense Serum-Multinourishing Ampoule Ensures 3-Step Process Of Intense Regeneration:

Deep Repair Of Cellular Damages Advanced Neo-Dna Complex™ stimulates proper course of the process of new skin cells formation, repairing any damage and restoring skin natural repairing abilities.

Restoration Of Dermo-Structural Density Royal Caviar™ and scientifically advanced Matrigenics.Activateexpression genes involved inintracellular matrix thickening,influencing synthesis and properalignment of supporting fibres– collagen and elastin.

Skin Multinourishment Exclusive black orchid extract visibly improves firmness and elasticity of epidermis, moisturises, smoothes and deeply nourishes.

Thanks to the content of 24-Carat Colloidal Gold, the serum ensures reduction of fixed wrinkles and restoration of skin proper density, acting like lifting threads. Moisturising hyaluronic acid rebuild natural hydrolipidic barrier, restoring healthy tone and radiant look to the complexion.

Application: The serum may be used in 2 ways:

1. Apply a few drops onto cleansed face, neck and décolleté skin and then gently rub in.

2. Add a few drops to a night cream and then gently rub in.



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