Royal Caviar Therapy Day Cream 40+

 Royal Caviar Therapy Day Cream 40+
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Royal Caviar Therapy™ 40+

Intense Firmning

And Cell Regeneration

Neo-Dna Complex™ Retinol Black Orchid

Luxury Wrinkle Reducing


Day SPF 8

Mature, Dry And Sensitive Skin

Innovative formula of the Luxury Wrinkle Reducing Cream-Concentrate 40+ was developed based on breakthrough Technology Of Cells Regeneration, inspired by research on the repair mechanism of damage to skin cells. The cream, thanks to optimally selected active ingredients ensures 3-Step Process Of Regeneration:

Neo-Dna Complex™ ensures deep repair of cellular damages and stimulates the process of new cell formation.

Royal Caviar™And Duomolecular Neuropeptide Supplement, intensely smoothing wrinkles and improving skins density.

Black Orchid Extract Firms, moisturises and deeply nourishes skin and improves elasticity of epidermis.

Revolutionary formula also contains: Pure Retinol, Shea Butter, Soy Oil And SPF 8.

Application: apply every morning and evening onto cleansed face, neck and décolleté skin, gently rubbing the cream into with circular movements.

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