3D-Retinol System Intensely Firming Day&Night Cream

 3D-Retinol System Intensely Firming Day&Night Cream
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50 ml

Retinol+ Sea Algae

3D- Retinol System

Intensely Firming Rejuvenating Cream

Any Skin Type


Smoothes The Deepest Wrinkles* Perfectly Moisturises And Deeply Nourishes * Prevents Flabbiness And Loss Of Elasticity

Intensely Firming Rejuvenating Cream is an innovative combination of natural and technologically advanced ingredients, meeting the needs of any skin type and ensuring heathy skin look.

One cream. Double force. The power of natural and technologically advanced active ingredients.


Technologically advanced solution designed to gradually release of active forms of retinol, rejuvenating skin on 3 layers:

1) smoothing the epidermis; 2) restoring the supportive fibers; 3) improving epidermis and dermis communication to increase nourishment.

Retinol: increases elasticity and resilience, reduces wrinkles and improves skin tone.

Hyaluronic Acid: reduces the symptoms of skin ageing, intensely moisturizes and firms.

Sea Algae: rich in proteins, lipids, microelements and minerals intensely nourish skin.

+ 6 Active Nourishing Ingredients

Silk Extract*D-Panthenol* Allantoin*Vitamins Aef*Olive Oil*Urea.

Visible results:

- Immediately Illuminates And Eliminates Symptoms Of Fatigue

- Reduces First Wrinkles And Improves Skin Resilience

Application: apply every morning and/or evening onto cleansed face and neck skin.

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