Illuminating Bronzing Body Balm With Golden Dust

 Illuminating Bronzing Body Balm With Golden Dust
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Luxury Illuminating &Bronzing

Body Balm

With Golden Particles


Nutri Glow Effect™

Bronze-Infusion 4d Technology™

Royal Caviar™

Nutri-Tan Complex

Karité Butter

Baume De Luxe Illuminant Bronzant

Formula of the Luxury Illuminating & Bronzing Body Balm is the unique combination of luxury complexes and precious active ingredients that perfectly care skin and gradually give it healthy tone of natural and radiant tan.

Royal Caviar™ reinforces skin structure, protects against dryness and prevents premature cells ageing.

Nutri-Tan Complex with nut extract and carrot oil deeply nourishes, gives skin silky softness and enhances its tone.

Karité Butter rebuilds hydrolipidic coat of epidermis, smoothes it and firms.

Application: 1-2 times a day (depending on the desired tone of tan) evenly spread the balm onto skin. Wash hands thoroughly after application. Before putting on clothes, wait until the balm is fully absorbed. Does not stain clothes. Store at room temperature, away from direct sunlight.

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