Collagen Face serum

 Collagen Face serum
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Face Serum With Collagen

Collagen face serum is a unique combination of marine collagen with babassu oil, aloe juice and elastin. Collagen as an active ingredient affects the protec- tion of the skin against early aging, improves firmness and increases the level of hydration, clearly reduces the visibility of wrinkles.


• Intensive Hydration

• Reduction Of Wrinkles

• Improvement Of Skin Elasticity

• Protection Against Photo-Aging

Dry and delicate skin with signs of aging

Active ingredietns: Collagen, OBabassu Oil, Elastin, Aloe juice, Algae extract, Green tea extract, Panthenol, Vitamin E.

Application: Apply a small amount to cleansed skin, massage gently until absorbed.

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