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Bioactive Burdock Shampoo

 Bioactive Burdock Shampoo
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150 ml

6 x Repair

6 x Regeneration

1. Prevents hair loss

2. Stimulates hair growth

3. Soothes irritations and itching

4. Eliminates dandruff

5. Adds vitality

6. Rebuilds hair structure

For fine and weak hair prone to falling out


BIOACTIVE BURDOCK SHAMPOO – based on a special repair formula – cleanses your hair and scalp gently yet thoroughly. Burdock oil combined with other natural ingredients penetrates deep into the structure of hair fibres and strengthens hair bulbs to prevent premature hair loss and promote hair growth. Thanks to its nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties, burdock oil effectively repairs the keratin layer of your hair, restores the hydro-lipid balance to the scalp, and normalizes the function of sebaceous glands, as well as eliminates dandruff and has a soothing effect. The shampoo restores natural freshness, bounce and shine to your hair. Argan oil, which is famous for its nourishing properties, provides deep nourishment and helps rebuild hair structure, leaving your hair silky smooth, soft and radiant. It protects your hair from high temperatures, damage and the harmful effects of UV exposure. It also has a soothing effect on the scalp.


6 x Repair


1. Hair loss

2. Hair dryness and weakness

3. Dandruff and itching

4. Split ends

5. Scalp irritations

6. Poor hair condition and look


Burdock oil – contains a unique blend of biologically active substances neutralizing the enzymes which are responsible for hair loss and stimulating microcirculation to supply proper nutrition to hair bulbs. In addition, it has strong antibacterial properties. Cold-pressed virgin oil preserves most of the vitamins and minerals of fresh burdock.

Argan oil - penetrates deep into the structure of hair fibers to provide regeneration and moisture and leave your hair soft and shiny. It strengthens and nourishes brittle hair.

Equisetum and nettle extracts – have a soothing effect, restore the hydro-lipid balance to the scalp, help eliminate dandruff and strengthen hair bulbs.

Centella asiatica – has strong anti-inflammatory properties, promotes skin healing and stimulates the production of collagen fibres.

D-panthenol – gives your hair brilliant shine, provides nutrition and has a softening and toning effect on the scalp.

Silk proteins – promote intense reconstruction of damaged hair shafts and give you exceptionally soft and shiny hair which is easy to comb.

Rosemary and thyme oils – have antiseptic properties, help regulate the function of sebaceous glands and normalize the microflora of the scalp, as well as strengthen weak and brittle hair.                                                  


Fragrance made from natural plant oils.

Directions for use: apply a small amount of the shampoo to your damp hair and massage gently in to produce lather. Rinse off thoroughly. Repeat shampooing, if necessary.


For best results, use with other products from the bioactive Burdock Pharmacy line.

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