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Active Epil Body Depilation Wax Strips Aloe Vera

 Active Epil Body Depilation Wax Strips Aloe Vera
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Active Epil Aloe Vera & Argan Oil

Body Depilation Wax Strips

100% Effectiveness Of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera + Argan Oil

Legs, Hands, Bikini

Sensitive Skin

3 in 1

Effect Even Up To 4 Weeks*

Remove Even The Shortest Hair

Do Not Irritate The Skin

12 Single Wax Strips + Soothing Wipe

Directions for use:

  • Clean and dry the skin before the treatment. Do not use body milks, lotions or oils that leave a greasy film on the skin.
  • Before separating the wax strips, warm them up in your hands by vigorously rubbing them.
  • Carefully separate wax strips into two parts. Each part is intended for use.
  • Stick the wax stripe evenly to the skin by pressing and smoothing it several times towards the growth of the hair.
  • With one vigorous move, tear the wax stripe “towards the hair”. Tear the wax stripe parallel to the surface of the skin.
  • Each wax stripe is suitable for multiple use within one treatment, sticking it to the places where you want to remove hair.
  • Remove the small residue of wax on the skin with the included wipe. Do not wash the wax with water, soap or alcohol, do not use a brush or rough sponge.


- Before depilation, carry out a test on a small part of the skin, following the directions for use. If no allergic reaction occurs within 24 hours, continue to use.

- Do not use for face depilation.

- Do not treat with the wax strips the heavily irritated, injured, with lesions or intensely tanned skin.

- Avoid tanning, using the swimming pool, using deodorants and alcohol-based products 24 hours after the treatment.

Store in a dry and cool place in horizontal position.

Keep out of reach of children.


 Active Epil Body Depilation Wax Strips Aloe Vera
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 Active Epil Body Depilation Wax Strips Aloe Vera
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